AD&D Purple Worm
An Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Purple Worm.

This is a collection of creatures (both monstrous and non) designed for Fantasy Hero and other HERO System games and genres. The creatures here are from various mythological and fictional sources, as well as from different RPGs, such as AD&D, Call of Cthulthu, D20, Feng Shui, and GURPS.

As with the other characters in this archive, all animals and monsters are presumed to have a basic set of "Every Creature" Skills. The list is a follows–

Basic Every Creature Skills

AK: Home Territory 8-
Analyze Animal 8-
Concealment 8-
Language (native)
PS: [specific animal] Abilities 8-
Survival ([choice]) 8-

In most cases, the Survival Skill will be listed on the character sheet with a proper environmental location.

All creatures are built on a 75-point (HERO System 5E) or a 175-point (HERO System 6E) base.