Frequently Asked Questions About The Surbrook’s Stuff Website

Q: I don’t understand all of these character sheets, what game are they for?
A: All the character sheets (and all other material on this website) is created using the HERO System Role-Playing Game ( The two most common versions of the game engine featured here are HERO System 5th Edition Revised and HERO System 6th Edition. Follow the link to find out more about HERO Games and the HERO System.

Q: Can you send me the rules for the HERO System?
A: No. If you want the rules for the HERO System, I suggest you go to and ask about a product called Champions Complete. This is the introductory rules set and should be sufficient help you in understanding the character sheets posted here.

Q: This website is great! When are you going to do a character sheet for Batman/Superman/Spider-man/Sailor Moon/Luke Skywalker...?
A: Depends. Some characters I am planning to do at some point in the future, some I will never do. It all hinges on whether or not I own anything dealing with the character in question, or intend to pick up anything about said character. So in the case of Sailor Moon (or many other anime characters), I have neither the time nor the money (or the interest) in getting into the series, and thus will not be writing them up. In the case of many Western comic book characters, I may have the resources to write them up, but I might not be interested in doing so, might not know enough about them, or might feel that it wouldn’t be worth all the effort. Batman is a prime example—I’m fairly sure that no matter what I developed as a character sheet, people would complain.

Q: I see you don’t have a character sheet for [fill in the blank], can I send you mine?
A: Yes. Many of the characters on this website were submitted to me by other people. You can even send me your version of someone I have already posted, I’ll post it as well (look at the two versions of Solomon Kane, for example).

Q: I spotted an error, who do I tell?
A: Me. I’m not perfect, and I make plenty of mistakes. If you see an error, simply send me an email and let me know. And by “letting me know”, I mean “inform me politely”. Do not treat me like some sort of idiot for getting a name wrong or a piece of character history incorrect. In addition, take a look at the bottom of the character sheet—if you don’t see my name down there, odds are I didn’t do the character sheet in the first place, thus the error isn’t mine (but please, still let me know).

Q: Can I use your characters in my campaign/story/fanfic?
A: If you're running a HERO System game, of course. If you’re writing a story, probably. Let me know who you want to use and where you want to use it, and I’ll let you know. At the very least, I’ll want a copy of the end product.