People have asked me how to go about submitting characters to the archive, so I’ve created this page as a quick guide.

1) First and foremost, the character has to be written using either the HERO System 5th Edition Revised (either original or Revised) or HERO System 6th Edition rules. I don’t intend to host characters for any earlier versions.

2) Characters need to be in a format I can understand and read. I prefer tab-delineated .rtf files (i.e. rich text format) files.

3) Barring that, I can accept Microsoft Word documents (.doc), text files (.txt), Appleworks (.cwk), and iWork Pages (.pages) files.

4) I can also accept accept HERO Designer (.hdc) files. I own HERO Designer 3.0 and can read both Hero Designer 3.0 and Hero Designer 2.0 files, but can’t read files made by Hero Creator.

5) If you own HD 3.0 and simply want to send me an exported file, please use the Writer’s Guide .rtf option. That matches my webpage format almost exactly, is easiest for me to customize and work with, and takes up less drive space when converted to HTML format.

6) If possible send files in a .zip format. I’ve noticed that sometimes attachments embed themselves into the body of an email and won’t open correctly on my Macintosh. By using the .zip format, this issue seems to be avoided.

7) If you have any questions, send me an email and we’ll work something out.