The third most powerful esper weapon in the world.
Azumi Kiribayashi
Azumi Kiribayashi
A miko (shrine maiden) and world-class esper weapon.
Azumi Kiribayashi
Enjoying some quiet time at her shrine.
Crusher Picture 1
Crusher Picture 2
Crusher Picture 3
Crusher Picture 4
David Lam
Gem Picture 1
Gem Picture 2
Gem Picture 3
Gem Picture 4
Hans Adler
Hiroko O'Hara
Jeremy Luckhestein
Jeremy Picture 1 (as a child)
Jeremy Picture 2 (as an adult)
Theresa Morraine's serial killer persona.
Kami Picture 1
Kami Picture 2
Kami Picture 3
Kami in combat gear.
Katherine "Kitten" Ramis
In her working clothes. That's a Stormbreaker in her hand.
Kitten in a bikini!
Actually, this is fitness model Jamie Vane, but it's pretty much spot on for Kitten's general look and physique. However, these days, Kitten would never wear such an outfit.
Kei Hayashibara
Korey Winters (who was once Karin Nys)
Korey/Karin Picture 1
Korey/Karin Picture 2
Korey/Karin Picture 3
Korey/Karin Picture 4
Lillith Picture 1
Lillith Picture 2
Lillith Picture 3
Lillith Picture 4
"Super-deformed" Lillith
Ling Ling Li
Ling Ling Li Picture 1
Ling Ling Li in a tight Chinese dress.
Ling Ling Li in another tight Chinese dress.
Ling Ling Li in a sexy Chinese dress.
Cut like it is, I'm sure Marta bought it for her.
Ling Ling going to Raven's dinner party.
No, she didn't carry the sword with her.
Live Action Ling Ling! Ling Ling in a bikini!
Actually, this is fitness model Tess Young, but it's pretty much spot on for Ling Ling's general look and physique.
Ling Ling at the pool!
Hmmm... although this gives one a good idea of how well-endowed Ling Ling is, I'm fairly sure that's Shion's swimsuit, not Ling Ling's. For the record, this is Playboy Playmate Petra Verkaik.
Ling Ling is a swimsuit.
Okay, this outfit is more her speed. Oh, and as a side note, I saw the exact same bathing suit used in some official Bastard!! artwork! The model is Reiko Kato.
Lora Doubet
Lora Picture 1
Lora rough sketch
Lora's Corporate Access Card
Lora Gives Logan What For!
Lora in Color.
Adapted from Satoshi Urushihara's Venus artbook.
Lora in action!
Lora at the beach!
Lora drawn by Tomoko Saito (genuine manga artist).
Lora drawn by Amanda "Callie" Calico.
Lora in the regeneration tank.
Lora looking very stylish!
Marta Nys
Marta Nys
Marta Face Shot 1
Marta Face Shot 2
Marta Face Shot 3
Color Marta
Well, not exactly, but close enough for our purposes.
Marta all dressed up and ready to go.
Marta going to Raven's dinner party.
Adapted from a picture of Ginrei (Giant Robo).
Anime Marta!
Complete with motorcycle for getting around the streets of Hong Kong.
Marta by Boris Vallejo.
Well... sort of. I won't comment on the metal bikini and chains (or the monster), but the general physique and muscle tone is just about perfect.
Live Action Marta! Marta in a bikini version 1.
Live Action Marta! And... Marta in a bikini version 2.
Bikini picture one and two are both really fitness model Amy Lynn, but she's pretty much spot on for Marta's build, physique, and hair.
Nightingale by comic artist Fred Perry.
Anna and Uni, the Puma Sisters
The Puma Sisters all armed and ready to rumble.
Anna and Uni on their bikes
Headshot of Raven
Raven all dressed up for a corporate function.
Raven in a semi-formal purple outfit.
Raven at the beach.
Raven by Boris Vallejo.
Okay, ignore the rather non-existent "bikini", but otherwise, this is a good idea of Raven's build.
Replicated Humans
Pleasure Synthetic, complete with cat ears and tail.
Mitsumi Puma (probably Asuka)
Another Mitsumi Puma (also probably Asuka), showing the full "dress" uniform.
A pair of Puma-class Security Synthetics.
Possibly the Puma Sisters (Anna and Uni) themselves.
The over-endowed (thanks to her genetic upgrade and/or surgery) owner/operator of the exclusive and infamous gambling casino Lu Ch'ian.
Sandra Blackmore
Sandra Picture 1
Sandra In Color (or close enough anyway).
Sandra looking a bit rough for wear (probably in Hong Kong).
Live Action Sandra! Sandra in her long synth-leather coat.
Live Action Sandra! Sandra posing for the camera.
Live Action Sandra! Sandra dishing out some hurt.
Angry Sandra!
Sarah J Ferrari
Sarah J Ferrari
Sleeping. Don't tell her we have this picture!
Sarah nude.
Sarah just out of the shower.
Sarah J Ferrari variant.
With long hair and glasses.
Sarah J Ferrari variant number 2.
This version is very well-endowed and is very much in the "sexy-teacher" style.
Sarah lounging in her office.
Or, err... somewhere. The smirk makes me wonder.
Nude Sarah.
We have a lot of pictures of her sans clothing. I'm not sure why....
Real-World Sarah!
This lingerie model is pretty spot-on for what Sarah really looks like.
Buff Sarah
Sarah is in excellent physical shape, being a replicated human and all. This might be a little much, though.
Sarah relaxes after a long day.
With a long soak in a hot bath.
The Schattenjäger
Shina Arakawa
Shina Arakawa
This is very close to her general look and attitude.
Shina in a bikini!
Actually, this is Koyori from Sengoku Blade, but the look and body shape is spot on.
Live Action Shina Arakawa! Shina in a "swimsuit" that I think she got from Shion.
In reality, that's fitness model Julie Tawney.
Shion Nys
Shion's data card.
Shion Picture 1
Shion Picture 2
Shion Picture 3
Drawn by John "White Rabbit" Torres.
Shion in color.
Headshot of Shion in Color.
Another headshot of Shion in color.
This one shows her all dressed up and acting much more "enticing."
A close up of Shion's face (in color).
Shion and Marta are Hispanic on their mother's side and French on their father's, hence their naturally tanned skin.
A close-up of Shion about to unleash some serious hurt.
Her epsers powers must be especially concentrated to produce a visible effect like this.
Shion by comic artist Fred Perry.
Shion by Boris Vallejo.
Okay, not really. This is actually Boris's painting Primeval Princess, but it really does give one an idea of her physique, build, and hair. And no, she'd never, ever wear that.
Shion by Greg Hildebrandt.
Actually, this is from his Femme Fatales series. but it fits her perfect in attitude, expression, hair, build, and so on. She even dresses like that—when at home.
Live Action Shion! Shion in a bikini.
The model is Tylene Buck, who stands only 5'6" or so (i.e. about Marta's size), but this picture fits Shion's general look perfectly.
Shion going to Raven's dinner party.
Adapted from a picture of Urd (of Oh My Goddess! fame).
Shion sunbathing topless.
A shot the paparazzi would risk life and limb for! (literally!)
Shion dressed in only her hair.
Shion in her bath.
Shion just out of the shower.
Shion relaxing.
Shion Cosplay Picture 1.
Okay, it's not really Shion, but these cosplay pics (of Castlevania's Alucard) capture Shion almost perfectly. And I can see her wearing the depicted outfit, especially if she's really playing up her "Empress" persona.
Shion Cosplay Picture 2.
Shion Cosplay Picture 3.
Shion's Car (a Mercedes 2028s).
Another view of Shion's car. This is a two-door model.
Shoko Picture 1
Shoko Picture 2
Shoko Picture 3
Shoko having a "wardrobe malfunction."
Shoko takes a bath.
Anime Shoko!
Shoko at the beach.
Theresa Morraine
Vic Hagen
The utterly insane professional sniper.
Vivian Lau
Vivian Lau
Vivan getting dressed.
An undressed Vivian lounging around on her bed.
Zenshou Shinju


A city street. Possibly San Francisco or Hong Kong.
A coffin motel.
Corporate bio-technical lab.
A view from a corporate CEO's office.
A view of Hong Kong.
A Hong Kong alley.
Hong Kong at street level.
Downtown Hong Kong.
Hong Kong at night
Another view of Hong Kong at night.
This is from the central financial district.
A news stand somewhere in Mega-Tokyo.
Mega-Tokyo from the air.
The Mega-Tokyo cityscape.
Note the flooding from the rising oceans and the expansion onto Tokyo Bay.
Mega-Tokyo at night.
The Neo-York skyline.
A typical Zone bar.
Another bar
This maybe in the Zone, maybe in anyone of a number of cities.
The Neo York Zero Law Enforcement Zone
Front door of an abandoned house.
Deserted factory.
Empty house, exterior.
Empty house, living room interior.
Empty house, kitchen.
Wrecked car and burned debris.
Ruined office/factory building.
Another empty house exterior.
Inside of a ruined factory.
Inside of a ruined building.
Wrecked Zero Zone buildings following a Jinsei bombardment.
More destroyed Zero Zone buildings. In the foreground one can dimly see wrecked vehicles and debris.
A street-level view of the devastation.
Note the skeleton in the foreground. After the Jinsei invasion, corpses became a common sight on the streets of the Zone.


Jinsei Hoshoku Zeta
Jinsei M-100
The PK-D (Pflager/Katsumata Series-D) "blaster."
This weapon is commonly used by replicant hunters all across the UNA.
Another view of the PK-D.
The handgun is 6-shot revolver and an under-barrel battery pack to power the laser-sight and fire the caseless rounds via an electronic charge.
Multi-view of the PK-D.
Remington Stormbreaker
Alliant Technosystems Selectable Assault Battle Rifle (a.k.a. SABR)
Alliant Technosystems Selectable Assault Battle Rifle (a.k.a. SABR)
Showing system components.
Seburo C-25 Sub-machine Gun.
Seburo M-23 Assault Rifle.
Used by Japanese ESWAT teams due to ability to accept and fire various forms of ammunition.
"Section 9" sub-machine gun.
Common sidearm for Japan's mysterious and shadowy anti-terrorism squad.
Smith and Wesson Assault Pistol
Smith & Wesson Earthshaker
Smith & Wesson .50 revolver
An Audi from circa 2039.
Generic Electric Runabout
Jinsei Nightsky Dragon
Mega-Tokyo Police Spinner
Mega-Tokyo Police Spinner (different view)
Mercedes 2028s
Two-door Mercedes 2028s
NYPD Patrol Car
A police car of 2035.
A six-wheeled armored limousine.
You just know Shion's ridden in one of these.
Vectored-Thrust Police Car
What happens when an angry Class A esper and a tank meet.
A basic combat/security cyberdroid.
A medium combat cyberdroid in action.
A Hunter-Killer Cyberdroid.
Also known as an "Automatic Infantry Trooper." This specific model is the MI-66 (MI = "mobile infantry").
Another view of a hunter-killer cyberdroid.
This one has apparently just completed a wet-work mission.
Building a better cyborg.
Three corporate cyborgs.
Obviously given bodies matching a certain theme and probably used as high-profile bodyguards.
An esper in action.
Possibly Ran.
Esper combat
The internet 2035.
This is what it looks like jacking in as you enter the data grid.
The internet 2035.
Corporate data towers.
Madox-03 Armored Combat Suit
Shown with GAU-12 chaingun.
Rear view of the Madox-03.
A street samurai pauses in front of a corporate tower.
United North America infantryman in standard kit.
UNA troops usually carry the SABR into combat.

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