02/01/2013—At long last, I've updated my website, incorporating a lot of HTML 5 and CSS concepts. Even some basic Javascripting. The end result is what you see here. I will admit, this is only really going to look correct (right now) in Google Chrome and Safari. Other browers will follow as I do further development. I'm also adding new material as it comes in, so don't be afraid to send in new material (if you so desire). And yes, many pages are still "broken" in that they dion't have any of the new formatting. All in due time.

11/17/2012—Fairly large update this time around. I've added numerous characters to the Original Characters page. These include two supehroes, one fantasy swordswoman, three mermaids, and a half-dozen monsters or so. I've also added more material to the Pictures That Could Be Campaign Characters section and am in the (slow) process of updating it with new material and the like.

11/03/2012—I have continued to apply changes and tweaks to the site. I've also cleaned up the Original Characters section and am getting ready to add about a dozen new characters.

09/29/2012—As part of my continuing process of updating and improving my site, I've applied some major changes to the css file to create a somewhat new look for the site as a whole. Further changes will occur as I continue to develop and improve my HTML coding skills and the like.

08/27/2012—Uploading a lot of minor edits and corrections to assorted webpages. As I am now attending college again, working on two books for BlackWyrm, and hopefully transitioning to a new job, my updates will be limited for the near future.

07/21/2012—I'll admit I lost track of what I've added to the site since the last update. That said, I think this covers it all: Jungle Janet (The Tick), Cluemaster (DC Comics), Aamurusko Hamara (edits made), creatures from Half Life 2 (edits made), and Maximus Decimus Meridus (Gladiator).

05/25/2012—I have been doing my best to pull together all of the scattered files I’ve had laying around and finally post them to the site. So, this update presents: Captain William Bligh; Jason Tripitikas (The Forbidden Kingdom); Captain Bill Street, Bobbie Logan, and James Lee Wong (from the James Lee Wong film series); Corporal Louis LeBeau (Hogan's Heroes); and finally, Francoeur (A Monster In Paris/Un monstre à Paris).

05/07/2012—After another long hiatus, I have some new material to add to the site. The first is Vincent, from the film Collateral. The second is Titanoboa, the 43’ pre-historic snake. The last is The Wondrous Lady Teodora, an NPC from my Well of the Worlds game.

02/11/2012—I haven't updated in a long time because, quite simply, I don't have anything to add to the webpage. That said, I do have new material to mention, but highly suspect 2012 will not see a lot of new updates to my site, as I am going to be rather busy with some paying projects, job hunting, and a return to school in the fall. Still, I am pleased to announce I have (with Steve Long’s permission) revised select characters from an old 3rd Edition Champion supplement titled Enemies: the International File. In additional, the Well of the Worlds campaign has ended and I've posted the last of the session synopsis, as well as various bluebookings, characters sheets, and what not.